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Mike ૐ Moore


I would like to OPENLY acknowledge that I snorked most if not ALL of these coolest icons from the user group *iconsensual* and that the art and creativeness presented in each and every one of them belongs to the each artist. I claim no credit for the work. A big huge THANK YOU for whosever work is seen here. Also, I want anyone to know if you show up on my friends list I WILL read your journal. I WILL comment as I see to. I think it is a total waste to have friends if you don't keep up with them. If you like to lurk and like to post stuff without expecting replies, please remove me or don't friend me. Thanks.

Hey, since you are here, you prolly just found me by accident. But fuck accident and go here on purpose and help support fetish photog talent goodness:

Image on elaisted.com

Unless otherwise credited (like spikyme's phtography above), all the creative works in this journal are those of the owner (ME!). If you decide to gank it for your own pithy little journal, I reserve the right to hunt your intellectual property thieving self down and kick your blog stealing ass. You have been warned.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Here's an ambient beat piece I worked out: