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scream like you mean it
You've hit a dead end my friend. Due to the fact that I have lots of friends, this journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Sorry. If you aren't supposed to read it, you're not supposed to eh? Try adding me as a friend, that'll fix it!

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Hey, I liked your interests. Mind if I friend you?

Cherie tells me you have Mardi Gras goodness I should be seeing. :-)


- chris

Hey, we have the same iChihuahua icon!
Plus, lots of "interests" the same.

Uh... I don't get to be your friend anymore? :-(

No you got axed by mistake. I think I fixed it. If not hit me again with your other lj name.

All fixed now. I reset you on my list. You're still on my other LJ :)

hey mister mike... long time no see. i was going through old posts, and remembering what lovely conversations we used to have through comments! so hey... if you're still using this thing... would you mind adding me again?

Anyone who talks like a pirate expertly on "Talk Like A Pirate Day" on anodyne19148's no less, needs to be my LJ friend.

Pretty please? *bats her eye lashes*

Hey -- I read your reply to daphnep and thought, "this is a person with an interesting back story!" so I'm going to add you in the hopes that you'll add me back and let me learn about that story.


Смотреть порно (http://megafreeporn.ru/)

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